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NEW!  FREE!  FASTER! -  Broadband Internet Access For Each Resident

Upgraded Wireless System:With our upgraded connections and new access points, The Colonial House now has the newest, fastest wireless Internet of any that we've measured on campus.

No more cables to mess with, leave the network jack behind. Be Mobile!  It is easy to use and to setup. The higher level of security in The Colonial House system means better performance for our residents.

High-Speed Internet Backbone:The Colonial House in the only complex with a dedicated business grade network for our new Broadband Wireless Internet.

And it's Free!

  • Intelligent Bandwidth Management: We use an intelligent bandwidth management system that ensures maximum performance for each student. The system also "caches" the most popular web pages locally so those pages pop-up instantly on our fast internal network.
  • Firewall: A hardware-based “firewall” protects The Colonial House network from outside abusive “hacker” activities. (Like all networks, students must use up-to-date anti-virus software and integrated security suite on their PCs.)
  • Business Grade Internet Link: Unlike home high-speed connections or other discounted telecommunications packages, The Colonial House uses business grade Internet links that do not "limit" our bandwidth when the overall neighborhood links are under heavy use.


Special Features

Lots of Free Stuff

Raised Beds for Storage

50" HDTV

Dish Network

Water Heater in
Each Apartment