Image of a washer dryer

Washer and Dryer

The days of hauling your laundry outside, down the stairs, and back are gone. Each apartment at The Colonial House has a full-size front-load washer and dryer!

image of a Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning

Rexburg summers can get hot, that’s why we provide an A/C unit in the living room for each apartment. 

Image of a television

50” 4K TV

Stream all your favorite shows on a 50” Smart TV with Roku built-in. Not only that, there is no more arguing about what channel to watch, because your roommate can watch one channel via their phone, tablet, or laptop and you can and watch a completely different channel on your device…at the same time!

image of a weight

Exercise Room

While we are close to the campus gym, sometimes you just want to get a workout in close to home.  That’s why we have added 3 new exercise rooms with the amazing equipment exclusively for our tenants. 

image of a pedestrian walking symbol

Close to Campus

We are located just a half block from campus.  You can easily walk to class, no need for a car!